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We provide products that fulfill your needs. One solution for all your problems. You can get various products shipped at a reasonable pricing with the good quality of handling your product.

The products which we have are taken from the best places such as the vegetables are taken from the place which is belong to that particular product, fruits are taken from the city which is famous for that particular fruit.

This is to mentioned that the product quality is never hampered. Products are handle with good care and maintained properly while supplying.



Agricultural Products

Products like Vegetables, Fruits, Spices, Dry Fruits and Nuts, Dairy Products, Cereals and Pulses, Meat and Poultry Products, Herbal Products, marine food etc.

FMCG Product

Products like detergents, toiletries, tooth cleaning, cosmetics, consumer electronics, package food products, stationery, personal care goods etc.

Engineering Product

Steel Raw Material like Sheets, Plates, Coils.Structural Steels like Angles, Channels, Pipes, Flats, Beams etc. Also products like Cement, Bricks, Marble, Gypsum, Tiles etc

Indian Handcrafts

Products like woodwork, Leather, Shawls, Jute, Brass handicrafts, Bamboo handcrafts, saree and silk, carpet, Jewellery, furniture.

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